A selection of the Royal Jelly collection. Use the properties of the royal jelly on your face and skin and feel like the bee queen.


All our gift baskets come with a traditionally made moroccan basket.


It contains:

  • Body cream with enriched argan oil, royal jelly and honey ( 150ml/ 5.07 fl.oz)
  • Day cream balanced to offer to your skin the protection needed during the day ( 50ml/ 1.69 fl.oz).
  • Night cream that will nourish your skin while you sleep ( 50ml/ 1.69 fl.oz).
  • Choose one of our 3 premium scented soaps (musk, amber or "orient" in 120g/ 4.23 fl.oz).

The Royal Jelly Selection

SKU: 0040
Choose one of the premium soaps
  • A full series of face and body care for the fans of royal jelly.

    The royal jelly is a gelatinous substance extracted by the glands of young bees feeder. It is the exclusive diet of the queen bee. Also called ‘ milk of bees ‘. It contains water and many other substances including, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins ( B1,B5 ).


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