Enjoy a small selection of our amazing products from Morocco at a lower price (get more, pay less), all combined in a beautiful hand-made basket.

The perfect gift for your friends, family and lover.

The perfect choice if you wish to discover or enjoy more than one product.


The essential selection includes:

  • 1 bottle of Organic argan oil ( 100ml/ 3.38 fl.oz).
  • 1 bottle of essential oil.

Lemon is uplifting and refreshing, lavender relaxing and soothing (choose your favorite scents)

  • 1 Premium soap (120g/ 4.23 fl.oz) in one of the 3 scents ( musk, "orient" or amber).


The Essential Selection

SKU: 0041
  • Organic argan oil will restore elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Use it on its own or mix it with one of our essential oils to create a customized oil according to your needs. 

    Argan oil must be used on a clean skin and what a better way to clean it than with one of our premium soaps. 

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