Certainly the most precious and rare oil given by mother nature, prickly pear seed oil is your ally against aging. 

It is a 100% natural and biological anti-aging treatment that every woman or man should own.


15ml/ 0.507 fl.oz and 40ml/1.35 fl oz glass pump bottle.


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Prickly pear seed oil

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  • This is a very precious and rare oil. It should not be confused with the oily macerate of prickly pear which is cheaper and less active. The barbary fig is a cactus that grows abundantly around the Mediterranean basin.

    Prickly pear oil is extracted by the seeds of the fruit. It takes one tone of fruit to produce one litre of oil. Its extraction is carried out mechanically by cold pressure. Each seed contains 5% of pure oil so the cost of production is very high, that is the reason why this oil is so rare and valuable.

    Country of origin: Morocco

    ectraction process: Cold pressure

    Extraction part: The seed

    Botanical name: Ficus Indica

    Culture: Farming ( gathered in wild natural enviroment)

    Quality: 100% pure,organic, natural, virgin oil, cod pressed without any chemical treatment then certified by Ecocert

    Appearance: Oily liquid

    Color: Olive green to yellow

    Smell: Sweet and natural

    Storage and packing: The oil is stored at room temperature away from light and oxygen. The packing is carried out in glass bottle of 40ml and 15ml.

    Properties: An anti-aging property out of the ordinary is indeed one of the many virtues of this oil. Thanks to its exceptional content of Vitamin E ( nearly 1000 mg per kilo), fatty acids and omega 6, it is a strong anti-oxidant with antiaging properties. It hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply. It regenerates dead cells.

    Once applied, it will be quickly absorbed by the skin while it softens and comforts your skin. 

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