100% natural and organic black clay.

Used as a natural shampoo, ghassoul will clean and purify your scalp, strengthen your hair at the root, making them softer and shinier.

When used for the face and body, ghassoul will purify, cleanse and tighten the pores of the skin.


Suitable to all types of skin.


Available in 150gr/5.3 fl.oz.

Black Ghassoul

SKU: 0005
  • Ghassoul is a natural black clay rich in mineral salts and trace elements. This clay is extracted from the only  known deposits in the world, located on the of Middle Atla mountains in Morocco. Unlike shampoos or other cosmetics, ghassoul contains no sulfates and cleans the hair and face with natural process. Ghassoul is 100% natural and organic.

    • Country of origin: Morocco
    • Composition: Moroccan lava clay
    • Culture: Extraction from natural deposits
    • Apearance: Solid in small pieces or as a powder
    • Color: Brown
    • General: maintenance product for the hair and face for external use as a cleanser or mask, rinsable product
    • Storage and packing: Product packed in 200 ml recycable palstic pot
    • Conservation: Close the pot well after each use of the clay
    • Properties and Use: Of all the dermatological clays available, ghassoul is the only one with the lowest content in aluminium oxide and calcium oxide. This unique featureallows it to be used an eye countour mask. Mixed with water, te ghassoul turns into a very soft paste. Composed by fine articles, this paste absorbs impurities and grease. They are then removed by rinsing. This very gentle wash does not remove the lipo-prodective film of the skin and hair. Ghassoul does not attack the natural protective shield of the hair and it does not irritates the sebaceous glands.


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