Black soap enriched with organic argan oil. 

The perfect natural exfoliant for all types of skin.


150gr/5.3 fl.oz.

Black soap with argan

SKU: 0006
  • This black soap is made with the oldest Moroccan traditions from only olive oil of first biological pressure and enriched with our natural, organic, liquid gold Argan oil.

    • Extraction process: Cold pressure
    • Extraction part: Pure, organic olives
    • Country of origin: Morocco
    • Appearance: Paste like
    • Color: Dark brown to black
    • Smell: Sweet, natural, nutty
    • Storage and packing: This product is packed in cool room. The 200 ml pot used is 100% recycable.
    • Properties and Use: A must have for the hammam, it is used as a scrub all over the body with the help of Kessa glove ( moroccan traditional glove used usually with black soap for the exfoliation of the skin). The black soap will purify your skin and at the same time the argan oil will hydrate it.

    No palm oil, no parabens or agressive additives are added in this wonderful product.


    Apply the black soap to wet skin and leave it for about 5 minutes. You can use the Kessa glove for exfoliation or just the soap to clean your skin deeply.

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