Our journey together began back in February 2010 on the small and beautiful island of Cyprus.

The moment I met him, I knew we had a special connection. 

Little did I know that he would become the most special part of my life and open my heart to one of the most magical places on earth, Morocco!


I remember my first trip to his country like it was yesterday. The moment I stepped foot in Casablanca I was engulfed in a myriad of senses. It almost felt like time stood still while I took in all the colors, sounds and scents around me.

Just like I knew I had a special connection with my husband the moment I met him, I instantly knew I was meant to be there in that moment.

Never had I imagined that I could feel such a deep connection with a place, it was almost like I had been there before. 


Everything about Morocco was enchanting, from the hospitality of its people to the delicious flavours of their food.

One of my favourite things to do was to wander the narrow streets of the historical cities, called Medinas, while drinking tea, eating delicious fragrant food and taking in the sights. Here you will find a maze of twisting and turning streets filled with shops, markets, restaurants, and homes.

Observing the craftsmen in these areas, I realized how much love, time and effort went into creating each unique piece.

All these images and emotions filled my mind and heart. All I kept thinking was, “I want to be a part of this”, and this is how the journey of Le Souk began!


One of the areas I visited in Morocco was where the famous Argan trees grow.

I was impressed to find out that these slow-growing trees are so treasured that in 1998 the Arganeraie forest was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Inside the little fruit on Argan trees is a nut that contains argan oil.  Natives of this area have been pressing this nut to extract its precious oil for generations, using it for wound treatment, skin and hair nourishment and an array of other uses.

I realized that this pure, natural, earthy oil is truly precious. This explains why people refer to it as liquid gold

I felt like I had found an extraordinary treasure that I wanted to bring to the rest of the world. My interest and love for natural organic products was born and I decided that I wanted to start a business that would make a true difference, something I could be proud of.

After a long quest and several trips to Morocco searching for the best, I managed to source top quality argan oil. Le Souk's physical store and Argan by Le Souk's online store were born, transforming my dreams into a reality.

Watching clients solve an array of issues with our products, from acne treatment to simply restoring their skins elasticity and glow, fulfils me on a daily basis. 



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